Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I wrote and evaluation explaining what improvements I could make and what tasks I had to complete. I related to professional work and how my animations rose to professional standards. I evaluated on the focus group results and what they believe should be improved for example the narrator spoke too quickly in the 3D animation and in the 2D animation seemed to be too rushed. I took this to account and explained how I would improve this. I also evaluated on my contribution to the task and how I worked to professional standards for example the production schedule I explained the purpose of it and how it was changed if there was any problems that occurred. I also explained how the audience feedback developed on my individual skills for example it gives me the confidence to change the mistakes I made and to push myself to work harder for next time.

Monday, 5 March 2012


Before we began to edit the group discussed how the footage will develop. We decided to follow our storyboard creation very accurately, but only slightly had to make a few disapproved acceptions for example scenes and voice over clips that were unusable. We uploaded all the footage onto a computer and began to edit. We edited each scene individually it took a lot of hard work and effort because we imported many different sound effects from a programme called soundtrack pro to go with each scene such as phone ringing, door knocking and footsteps. We used a device called a dictaphone for recording our voice overs and imported most of the voice over to the clips but we have had problems that we need to overcome for example not all of the voice over has been recorded and the voice over was too long to fit in with all the clips. We layered sound clips for example we overlapped a voice over clip with the sound of a telephone ringing so whilst the narrator is presenting the story background noises can occur to create an professional effect.