Monday, 30 January 2012


Today in my production group (Shazam) we individually wrote a proposal which we need to present to our client. I particularly wrote about our specific target audience which is both males and females aged 18+ and why we have targeted this certain audience. I have also discussed the results we received from our questionnaires. We surveyed 16 people and asked them questions about debt and beating it because this is our chosen subject we wish to advertise. I described our research content and how we developed our ideas together from researching and brainstorming. For example I researched different beating debt adverts on the internet to get and idea of what different aesthetic qualities have been used in adverts and how we can attract our target audience to our advert. I included the fact that we produced a mood board to show the style of our animation and the visual look for our story outline. The fact that our target audience is at an age range of 18+, I explained how we would organise a focus group. Which is a group of members of our target audience that watch our advert and give us honest feedback, this is so we can evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and to improve our work if were to do it again.

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