Monday, 30 January 2012



As a group (Shazam) we was assigned a task to produce a storyboard for our advert. Paige was voted by the group to be the main illustrator for the storyboards because her drawing skills are outstanding. We then wrote out each shot for each keyframe and a brief description of what the action is involved in the image. This is a visual outlook at what the advert will evolve like a storyboard also makes it clear on what is expected in the advert. I wrote a script for the advert because I have provided many successful scripts in the past so I was confident in doing this task and by doing this it was easy to produce a storyboard. Making a storyboard makes its easy to follow when producing the advert, but there may be slight additions or subtractions. We also reenacted and filmed our storyboards and script ourselves. This is an important technique Aardman used when making the the advert Nytol as it helps to understand the timing gestures of the characters and the adjustment of the narration to fit each key frame.

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