Monday, 20 February 2012


The start of filming! We are really excited to get cracking, before we imported all of our creations together we held a discussion to understand what each position every team member would be portraying. I was held in charge of the snapping up the pictures on the computer and ensuring that the characters did not move much out of their place we achieved this by using onion skinning. We clamped our sets down to the table and set up the computer with the camera so we can take snapshots of each movement. We found it really difficult to make each movement as smooth as possible so we used a tool called onion skinning which helped allow us to see our previous image overlapping our new shot and began shooting in 2's, this was very useful. We involved the standard ceiling light, but our technician helped us install another light which held over our set so no shadowing or creases was noticable. We reviewed back constantly on our work we was gradually creating to ensure we was not making any mistakes and if so the scene would be completed again to get a perfect shoot. In the end we all shared positions of moving the objects, taking the pictures and ensuring everything was running smoothly, everyone helped each other. When filming the 2D animation we used a programme called iStopMotion to capture the images and began shooting in 2's. We slowly moved our creations and pictures in and out of the picture so once played back it will run smoothly. We decided to add colour and our own transitions for example making the letters weave in and out of the characters and ensured that no pieces of paper or props were seen when we shot our characters slowly. We took turns of moving the images and working on the computer to get the best outcome for our 2D animation and once played back through iStopMotion the footage ran smoothly and professionally.

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