Thursday, 16 February 2012


Today we produced the sets for which our plasticine character Jerry will be performing in. Myself and Paige brought in big enough boxes so we can convert them to our animated character's (Jerry) hallway. In the making of Nytol which was created by professional company called Aardman used a similar box to the ones me and my team member brought in. Aardman's boxes were slightly bigger than ours and we resulted to cutting the sides of our boxes off to create a better camera angle for the scene. We wanted to make the set look a realistic as possible so I printed off wooden flooring, windows and doors so to stick to the box. We also became creative by using thin pieces of paper as skirting board in our set this is because once the box was covered in wallpaper and paper flooring the box was still noticable and looked unprofessional. Once the set was completed we had a last glance to check if anything else was needed to be added, but everything was perfect we now wait for the glue to dry and we will be ready for day 1 of filming!

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